R. A.T. S - Really Awesome Teaching Stories

In my 20 something.. years of teaching I've worked with some amazing colleagues. You know the ones... inspirational, enthusiastic, energetic, observant, dedicated, empathic, metacognitive, positive, intuitive, creative, perceptive, reflective, risk-taking, problem-solving, professional and powerful educators etc... and they all had a sense of humour. The kind of people you'd love to hate, (except they've also got great interpersonal skills, duh).
We all possess these qualities (OK - to varying degrees !!!) and every so often WE SHINE. Think about those sparkling moments; that instant when it all comes together and you finally connect with that kid, when something happens in the classroom that looks suspiciously like engaged learning, when students take off in unexpected and totally satisfying ways and you think fondly back to the reasons you went teaching in the first place. Those special instants when you wish someone else HAD been watching so you could share the moment.
Well, here's your chance. Our profession is all about making a difference and we'd all like to hear about YOUR moments. So, do the necessary tweaking to protect peoples dignity and anonymity ( disguise the names etc) and add your stories to our RATS wiki. Only members can edit, but all can drop in to read...and yes, YOU can write your story anonymously ;-)
Don't be shy - who knows, your story might inspire someone else, and that in itself is worth it !

Teacher Movie - "When I become a teacher ..."
Here's a link to that short vid put together by lecturers at Lesley University (USA). A parody of the Monster.com commercial.

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